The story of the Stones River Gang is set in the weird west of a Deadlands universe. However, during the execution of this game the players and I decided to employ a different, lighter card-based system that we called Wildcard, to define our character’s abilities and the rules.

The campaign itself did not progress past the first two acts of the first chapter, but I had in store a series of future acts in store. I never formally defined the ranks of the Stones River Gang or the depth and breadth at which they reigned. The idea was to create an infamous axis of evil that unabatedly terrorized the West as the Union armies and Confederate soldiers were far too entrenched in their own civil war. The adventure starts with the heroes placed against the members of the gang now scattered across the West.

The story of the Stones River Gang could have many starting points in the story but the one that made the most sense to me was the one I present here in order of Acts.

The Outlaw Masterson.

Mortimer “Adder” Masterson a vile, violent man nearly brought the town of Gate to ruin. This time he will not fail. Unless our cast of heroes come to the rescue.

The Outlaw Bronemark.

The news that Dodge, the great city of the West has fallen to an army of mechanical, ghost-rock powered machines calls the heroes to action.

  • Act 4 – Untitled
  • Act 5 – Reclaiming Dodge
  • Act 6 – A Gremlin in the Machine

The Outlaw Father Avarita

The mining to the West comes to a halt at the hands of a great famine. Those seeking relief pledge their allegiance and promise tithing to the church.

The Outlaw Dawson Cain

The religious cult’s shadowy arm reach back into the Rocky’s where it seems that a particular plague has taken hold of those and stands to destroy the West.

The Outlaw Thomas Madson

It seems that the taint of Stones River Gang can be traced back into the heart of the East. The root of evil residing in the hands of one powerful man that must be stopped.

Stones River Gang