Samuel Clume

I’ve got a deal for you!


Samuel Clume is a man that believes he can sell anything and everything. He set out West to find gold, but found instead that there was more money to be made on those looking for the same thing. He is a gambler, a swindler, and pickpocket. His thievery has served him rather well until his brother (William Clume) and him were arrested in Gate.

Roleplaying Notes

Back East accent and nagging cough. Another player could be playing your brother William, which you’ve always been the older, wiser, more cautious one. As a swindler, no one’s pocket book is safe. Unique abilities to bend a Man’s will, move great distances, and deep pockets.


  • To pull off a big heist.
  • Swindle players and characters, while still having them believe that it’s a “good” deal for them.
  • Ensure his unlucky, arrogant brother doesn’t get his mouth shot off.


  • [[CHFarnsworth|C.H.Farnsworth]] – A rigid fellow, with a bum arm but from all appearances carries himself as someone in authority and definitely not a good mark.
  • [[Georgie Atwater]] – Swindling from the poor fool was far too easy that I nearly felt bad about the exchange. It’s as the saying goes: stealing from a baby.
  • [[Martha Wednesday]] – From what I gathered, a Bible thumper and one that would not fall for such trivial scams that much easier targets would fall for.
  • [[Rosini Nostromo]] – An adept performer that I had the pleasure of seeing back East. As the story goes, he’s quite willing to part with his money.
  • [[William Clume]] – My brother, always the loud, brash fool.

Flaws and Vices

  • Ailin’ – Your character has a minor illness. After 5 combat rounds, your character must pass a Toughness check (normal) or he automatically starts last, next initiative round.
  • Honor Amongst Thieves – When confronted with another thieves operations you will either try to strike a deal or back out even if it means a loss or a missed chance for you.
  • Greedy – You measure your worth in treasure. You would argue bitterly or persuade over any loot acquired during play.


  • Convincing Grin

You can control another character’s mind, and therefore actions. [Mind Control 3: Mental, Eye Contact Dependent] You can move instantly from place to place without crossing the 100ft distance in between. However, smoke is required at both locations. [Teleport 1: Medium Required]

  • Deep Pockets

You have a “pocket” dimension capable of holding 100lbs of material, or even creatures. [Dimensional Pocket: 1]

Samuel Clume

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