I’m retired.

Farnsworth served as a sheriff in a small town for the North shortly before the Civil War exploded onto the scene. He served as a well decorated Union soldier until he was hurt and then eventually discharged. He healed up, but the wound of the war ran deep. Given land by the government out West he headed to the town of Gate where he hoped to find himself a nice place for a new family, farm, and his retirement.

Roleplaying Notes

Grizzled Union soldier with one arm and a dislike for killing. An excellent marksman. The grizzled war veteran that people turn to for tactics and advice. You have a commanding presence and a directorial tone.


  • To ensure that the town remains peaceful and calm.
  • To demonstrate that killing, violence, and bloodshed should be the last action taken.
  • To calm a shaken person or provide them with guidance through a tale of experience.


  • Georgie Atwater – He reminds you of your brother who fought alongside you in the war. His slowness was endearing and manageable but you feel it’s what got him killed. You often instruct when talking to Georgie.
  • Martha Wednesday – You found the gruesome scene of the Wednesday family while on a ride back to town. You helped bring Martha back to town and bury her family.
  • William Clume – The night prior you sat down to a game of cards with the man and gave Clume a run for his money. Clume was dragged off by the Sheriff before you two were able to finish your game.
  • Thomas Halverson – You often ride out with him and his dad to hunt. You often diffuse his father’s temper when the boy acts up.

Flaws and Vices

  • Pacifist (Minor) – You despise violence. You often look for ways to subdue or incapacitate aggressors unless you are left with no choice.
  • One Arm – Your arm was hurt during the War. You’ve still got it, it’s just not strong enough to throw punch or hold much weight. Tasks requiring the use of that arm or two arms are more difficult (+1 success needed).



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