Georgie Atwater

Under a Watchful Eye

George was a son of a prospector, James Atwater, and saloon girl, Helen Wilson, in the town of Gate. They never married, but Helen took him to term and aided by her girlfriends raised George. He knew very little of his father, who often toiled away in the silver mines and frittered away his time in other saloons. His father past away in the silver mine collapse just months ago.

Roleplaying Notes

Big, dumb animal type. Needs glasses but ashamed to wear them. You are the pinnacle of a sweet-hearted bruiser that might make a mistake but meant well in the process. You don’t want anyone to think you’re slow, so you try real hard to fight that image.


  • Try and get Josie, a saloon girl, to fall in love with you.
  • While slow, lumbering, and dumb – continue to show people that you aren’t just a bruiser.
  • Perform a demonstration of your great strength.


  • C.H. Farnsworth – Never any trouble. Drinks little and is nice to the girls. Sometimes he treats me like I’m dumb.
  • Martha Wednesday – She talks about God a lot. Sad thing happen to her family and she still look her husband. I like her stories.
  • William Clume – He very loud and make fun of me for being slow. He got taken over to spend night in the jail.
  • Samuel Clume – He come with other loud guy. He talk fast and I get confused but he smile at me like he my friend.
  • Rosini Nostromo – He got a poster of himself. It much bigger and meaner than him in real life. When at the tavern he just eat by himself.
  • Thomas Halverson – Tommy is my best friend we was smaller. We talk and play all the time.

Flaws and Vices

  • Heavy Sleeper – A thunderstorm from Hell wouldn’t wake you. When asleep, your noticing is harder (+1 success needed). When forcing yourself to stay awake, your orneriness skill check is harder (+1 success needed).
  • Bad Eyes – You require glasses, but are often too ashamed to wear them. Shooting, Throwing, or Noticing anything greater than 10 yards is extremely difficult (+1 success needed). When wounded while wearing glasses there is a chance the glasses can be knocked from your face.


  • Fighting – Inspired

Inspired – When an Ace is drawn during the associated skill check, you may draw another card and add it to the skill check.

Georgie Atwater

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