James Jackson

Likes to Ride

Nothing was more exciting than riding for the Pony Express. A new horse every 20 miles going as fast as they can carry you. You never knew when a run-in with bandits or Indians would force you to really pour on the speed.

If a letter or small package came through Gate, there’a a pretty good chance that Slim Jackson took it to the next carrier. Except lately that is. Mail has been delayed for two days now because of an Indian raid on the previous stopover that stole all the horses. Stuck on his ass for the last two days, Slim is anxious to get back in the saddle.

Physically, Slim is a short man with a thin, wiry frame. The express requires all riders to be under 125 pounds, and Slim weighs in at a cool buck-fifteen. His slight frame shouldn’t be an indication of weakness, though. Hours spent in the saddle at breakneck speeds keep him lean and fit. A bristly mustache keeps his upper lip warm.

Roleplaying Notes


  • Find the stolen Pony Express Horses.
  • To go on an adventure like Buffalo Bill does.
  • To show off his riding skill.


  • C.H. Farnsworth – Since his farm lies halfway between Gate and the next town(about 20 miles), Farnsworth stables a couple of Pony Express horses and acts as a change station.
  • Rosini Nostromo – After getting to town Rosini refused to sleep in at an inn that had an attached saloon, complaining about the late-night noise of such places. So Rosini is staying at the Pony Express Building in town. Slim has played cards with the man and likes him, but thinks he’s soft.
  • William Clume and Samuel Clume – Slim has never been introduced to them, but he was there when they got arrested, so he recognizes them and know they’re wanted men.

Flaws and Vices


  • Speed Riding

Slim is so good with horses he can spur them to speeds undreamed of. Any horse he is riding or that is in a group he is riding with (up to 10 people) can go up to 50mph [Speed 3: Limited Horseback, Affects Others(Progression 30)]

James Jackson

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