Martha Wednesday

Rewriting Job

Martha Wednesday was a pious woman that took her family West to escape from the bloodshed of the Civil War. However, it was along the way that her first son fell ill with a very trying fever. Hurrying ahead to the next town for treatment, despite warnings of highwaymen, led them to be attacked by a gang of bandits. Martha awoke weeks later under the care of ‘Doc’ Bowen in Gate. With her husband missing and her two sons buried she has resolved to perform God’s work out West and to bring justice for what has happened.

Roleplaying Notes

Religious woman. You can take evangelical to the extreme and with your anger about your past be overly dramatic as you serve up judgement to thine enemies. Your divine powers allow you to heal, help others, or cause an enemy to repent for his sins.


  • Find your husband, Mathew, or what remains of him.
  • Proselytize about God’s power without being fanatical.
  • Aid a friend in need through a divine prayer.


  • C.H. Farnsworth – What good fortune for a man like Farnsworth to come to my aid. He is a man that is devout, but not often found in church.
  • Georgie Atwater – God has a purpose for each one of us. Taking the use of Farnsworth arm or making Georgie slow. For what he took, he made up for in kindness.
  • Thomas Halverson – The boy is tormented by his White blood and Indian blood. I am grateful his father raised him as a Christian in the town. Let’s hope that the boy is only a troublemaker now because of his teenage years and not because he has given up God.

Flaws and Vices

  • Vengeful – Despite the teachings of Jesus, there are times when you go ‘Old Testament’ and embody wrath. You show little mercy to lawless bandits to the point of breaking laws yourself to find and kill them.
  • Nightmares – You are tortured by the events that befell you and your family. Start with one less Fate Chip.


  • Blessing

+2 rank to one skill for 1 minute. [Boost 2: All Skills, Touch, Slow Fade]

  • Lay on Hands

Immediately heals a wound through a spiritual prayer. [Healing 3: Touch]

  • Word of God

You can instill different emotions in your target, who makes a Guts check to resist versus your successes. Calm, Despair, Fear, Hate, Hope, and Love. Make a Word of God check versus the opponents Guts. A tie will place the idea in their head. More successes will have the opponent acting on the emotions more and more. [Emotion Control 4: Mental, Auditory Dependent]

Martha Wednesday

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