Masterson Act 2

Living Nightmares

Scene 1

Flashback to the death of Masterson and his gang. What would the characters have to accomplish in the flashback? Or perhaps they could find and capture Masterson. That or stop perhaps, as best they can the death and destruction of the local tribe members.

The dream influences and allows for the people to become accepted by the tribe when they approach later with questions, lowering the tension.

The players stand mounted and ready upon a crest of the hill staring down into the valley below. Below the unmistakeable image of Masterson leading the raid into the Indian camp. Laying waste to the warriors standing before them.

The posse have found themselves in a collective nightmare, re-enacting the attack Masterson made on the Indian village. It was this fight that Masterson took a number of men and women, near death, and dragged them off to his hideout. It is in this dream that the Indian Shaman has called forth on the remaining Gods of the plains to listen, to deliver him heroes that know of this Masterson and would help in the re-writing of time to stop the tragedy. The shaman believing that those that would come to his aid were of his own people has unsuspectingly enlisted the help of the players while their consiousness tapped into the umbra. The posse being very powerful people, the heroes to deliver them from the torture and pain of Masterson.

Attack on the village. Women and babies to consider. Tents, fires, fighting, etc.

Or perhaps the warriors were ambushed chased the buffalo and the encounter take place within the dangers of the buffalo running throughout the landscape.

Importantly, the players can be killed here without concern for their real life. In the morning, for those that have not died they are presented with a Fate chip.

Scene 2

Waking from the dream, the posse finds that they have in fact shared the same dream. It is here they are left with little less to go on but the piece of parchment found within the undergarments of Josie. With the aid of the Sheriff’s son they head out towards the Indian camp to find that the camp itself is the one that they have dreamed about.

Depending on how they proceeded in the dream and how successful they were in stopping most of Masterson’s assault they will be received differently.

The tribe untrusting of some of the town members. Their tenuous relationship already as the advancement of the railroad and land slowly take from their resources. The daughter leads them to an elder, the only ones that would be willing to translate the parchment. All others shying away with pale faces. A recent loss of a young child has recently befallen the tribe. The baby has been placed outside, wrapped in swaddling for the those in the tribe to pay respects for the great loss before she is buried. When approaching the elders they tell of a dark story written on parchment. Meant to be destroyed. For it was not to be told, spoken, or communicated to anyone and for it to die. It seems the anthropologist had somehow gotten the story out of the native and recorded it for the purposes of prosperity. It is an origin story of an ancient, evil God that the Indians turned their back on when he brought about bloodlust and war between its people. The story talks of his creation and his location. A being from hell bringing about the abominations of the dead and disturbing the resting places of those that have already lived life. The ritual, while incomplete could still be accomplished without this page but most assuredly with grave mistakes and perhaps unleashing a terror on the world.

Dependent on the success in the dream the posse will be greeted by the Shaman who summoned them into the dream. Telling them that he had not meant to cause them harm and that he did not realize that there stood men and women of power that could stand up to Masterson. He blames his lack of sight on the old ways and his hatred of those Americans that have sought to move them from their lands and take what they have no right to take.

Scene 3

The daughter is sent through a ritual for her to open her roots and for her to aid these people in the stopping of this ritual. It is there she should remain until nightfall and the ritual is to begin. The ritual sets her to be the guiding force of the tribe and for her to stop the evil God before he is able to sow his destruction. The ritual puts them in peril as they must summon the evil God for her to be recognized. It is then during that ritual that a darkness overtakes the camp. The flames of the fire grow brighter and more wild. Manifesting itself in the presence of this Evil God. The elders and the God converse and the Evil God commits to bringing about the tribes destruction. The ritual begins but during the ritual tribe members are possessed and start to come for the heroes and the girl and attempt to prevent her from completing her task. The possession and the eventual attack is started off by the crying of the baby that recently had passed. The cry starting soft and indescribely located at first, raising in volume to a deafening wailing. Through the ritual the location of the Evil God’s fallen site is divined and the heroes are to set out there in the morning. It is through the day of the travel that they return to town for supplies and then find their way out to the site.

The ritual divines the location of Masterson and where he communes with those of the dead Gods. It is there that the Indian Braves have been taken. It is there that the posse must go if they want to stop the evils that

Masterson Act 2

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