Masterson Characters

Cast of Characters

The following characters are members of the town Gate or happen to be passing through at the time. No character is required to be in the story. They are provided here for the use as player characters or non-player characters. Any details relating to their person maybe changed to suit the group of players or need of the story.

Thomas Halverson

Out West, being the son of good man is a hard thing. Being the only son of a great man could be likened to the job of Atlas. Thomas hasn’t done well to take it in stride over the years and being a half-breed (Indian) hasn’t made it easier in the eyes of those in town. Torn between the world in which he lives in and the ways of his mother’s tribe he is constantly in struggle of what he must do when he becomes a man.

Martha Wednesday

Martha Wednesday was a pious woman that took his family West to escape from the bloodshed of the Civil War. However, it was along the way that her first son fell to a very trying fever. Hurrying ahead to the next town for treatment, despite warnings of highwaymen, led them to be attacked by a gang of bandits. Martha awoke weeks later under the care of ‘Doc’ Bowen in Gate. With her husband missing and her two sons buried she has resolved to perform God’s work out West and to bring justice for what has happened.

C.H. Farnsworth

Farnsworth served as a sheriff in a small town for the North shortly before the Civil War exploded onto the scene. He served as a well decorated Union soldier until he was hurt and then eventually discharged. He healed up, but the wound of the war ran deep. Given land by the government out West he headed to the town of Gate where he hoped to find himself a nice place for a new family, farm, and his retirement.

Georgie Atwater

George was a son of a prospector, James Atwater, and saloon girl, Helen Wilson, in the town of Gate. They never married, but Helen took him to term and aided by her girlfriends raised George. He knew very little of his father, who often toiled away in the silver mines and frittered away his time in other saloons. His father past away in the silver mine collapse just months ago.

Rosini Nostromo

Rossini was a well-known European performer that fell from the spotlight after he began to age in years and his show became stale. Hard pressed for cash, he accepted to tour under a performance company making their way through the United States. While it was received well within the Northern territories, moving out West has packed fewer seats and brought in less money for the performers. Rossini, squandering his wealth has very little resources. He is performing in Gate for their anniversary celebration.

William Clume

Clume has been on an unlucky streak for quite some time. Making his way West, escaping debts back East, hoping to outrun his bad luck and more importantly his reptuation. Winning a high-stakes game in Dodge would have seemed like a step in the right direction, except Clume’s gloating nature and the loser’s short temper erupted in a brawl. Dodge authorities sat up and took notice. Clume, escaping to Gate, hoped to take a quick rest off there before moving further out west. Sadly a keen-eyed person made him out and he was arrested in the ‘Rusty Nail’ tavern, locked up, and is waiting it out until the authorities from Dodge arrive.

Samuel Clume

Samuel Clume is a man that believes he can sell anything and everything. He set out West to find gold, but found instead that there was more money to be made on those looking for the same thing. He is a gambler, a swindler, and pickpocket. His thievery has served him rather well until his brother (William Clume) and him were arrested in Gate.

“Slim” Jackson

Nothing was more exciting than riding for the Pony Express. A new horse every 20 miles going as fast as they can carry you. You never knew when a run-in with bandits or Indians would force you to really pour on the speed.

If a letter or small package came through Gate, there’a a pretty good chance that Slim Jackson took it to the next carrier. Except lately that is. Mail has been delayed for two days now because of an Indian raid on the previous stopover that stole all the horses. Stuck on his ass for the last two days, Slim is anxious to get back in the saddle.

Masterson Characters

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