Rosini Nostromo

Great American Tour

Rossini was a well-known European performer that fell from the spotlight after he began to age in years and his show became stale. Hard pressed for cash, he accepted to tour under a performance company making their way through the United States. While it was received well within the Northern territories, moving out West has packed fewer seats and brought in less money for the performers. Rossini, squandering his wealth has very little resources. He is performing in Gate for their upcoming celebration.

Roleplaying Notes

Eastern European accent. You are unparalleled in throwing, particularly knives, and do so with precision and flash that is incomparable. You are an man with extravagant tastes and an appetite bordering on excess. You are an outsider to the town and the country and you have much to learn about how things work.


  • To return to the spotlight with a brand new, edgy performance.
  • Learn from others the culture of the United States and what the audiences would enjoy.
  • Demonstrate your skill in such a way that the townsfolk will sit up and take notice.


  • C.H. Farnsworth – He come to one show and he not seem impress by my show.
  • Georgie Atwater – He come to lots of performances and sometimes I find him walking by tent many times. He lingers sometimes at table with food and drink. I think he want to make friends.
  • William Clume – I think I remember him from performance long ago. He cause some ruckus between him and other men in show back East. I remember he and men fought it out and knocked tent over.
  • Samuel Clume – I don’t know man, but I see him the other man I do remember.

Flaws and Vices

  • Habit – You constantly have to be holding, tossing, or sharpening a knife. One has to be in your hands in what feels like all times. This makes it hard to not seem intimidating when talking with people making it more difficult (+1 success needed) to talk with people.
  • Illiterate – You can’t read or write. You probably are able to understand some signs and common markers, but it’s hard for you to understand anything else.


  • ThrowingInspired and Talented

Inspired – When an Ace is drawn during the associated skill check, you may draw another card and add it to the skill check. Talented – During one skill check, you can place one card up your sleeve (it doesn’t count for the skill check). During a later, similar skill check you may play the card from your sleeve.

Rosini Nostromo

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