Stones River Gang


The story of the Stones River Gang and how the came to exist.

As the war waged on, the South became more desperate as their military losses continued to rack up along the Western front. In an act of desperation to fill the ranks with able-bodied men, it was devised that several men, currently held on charges for murder, assault, and theft (all to be executed at a later time) were pardoned with the explicit purpose of acting in the confederate Army. Those that served were granted their freedom and stood to gain measurable wealth in the territories that they fought to control. The plan was an absolute failure. While some of the men were by no means green with a pistol or failing of nerve, these men were untrained, hot-tempered, killers, and often deserters. There was, however, honor amongst thieves and with the assembling of these wanted men brought together a one group that later became the scourge of the Southwest. This group was called the Stones River gang.

These men were not simply cold, hard killers. Their talents as a team complimented one another and in a strange way the cohesion of the team was something that one could admire. For it was not simply muscle and guns that allowed for them to create a large network of towns to fill their coffers, it was the intelligence to undermine greedy, influential members of towns. Their network of accomplices fueled them with information of incoming supply shipments or talk of assembling against the gang. The gang appeared to pillage or exact revenge, unknowingly to everyone else, with the utmost of precision and timing. These tales lending strength to their intimidating image, spreading fear to more and more towns, extending their empire. With the hands of the South and North tied and the Stones River gang knowing not to bother with anything going to the government, they were left untouched.

Stones River Gang

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