Thomas Halverson

Filling Big Shoes

Out West, being the son of good man is a hard thing. Being the only son of a great man could be likened to the job of Atlas. Thomas hasn’t done well to take it in stride over the years and being a half-breed (Indian) hasn’t made it easier in the eyes of those in town. Torn between the world in which he lives in and the ways of his mother’s tribe he is constantly in struggle of what he must do when he becomes a man.

Roleplaying Notes

Young, irrational, and a bit of a trouble maker. As the younger of the bunch, you have the advantage of a little more luck at the cost of some higher point skills. As the game goes down you are eager to prove yourself and a lot of times in awe of others and their amazing skill.


  • Do something to make his father, the town, and his mother’s tribe proud of him.
  • To reunite his father and mother.
  • Challenge anyone that calls him a half-breed.
  • Perform a selfless act for another.


  • C.H. Farnsworth – He’s often given me lessons on shooting and riding. My father likes him. I think he’s OK, I guess.
  • Georgie Atwater – Georgie and I were best friends when I was 5 and he was 10. That was a long time ago and now he just talks about that all the time and it annoys me.
  • Martha Wednesday – I don’t talk with her much. All the time she talks about God. I get enough of that stuff on Sundays.
  • William Clume and Samuel Clume – He showed up last night and made a big stink at the saloon. I know him and his friend are from out of town. The two of them seem odd.
  • Rosini Nostromo – He’s here performing for the upcoming celebration. I’ve seen him practice, he’s really amazing.

Flaws and Vices

  • Young – Despite being talented, you’re still green. No skill may be ranked at five. A maximum of four skills may be ranked at four. However, you do receive one extra fate chip each session.
  • Curious – At your age, you trust only what you see and what you are able to find. This often has you checking out everything and wanting to know what’s behind a potential mystery.


  • Walks the Void – Your familiarity with the shamanistic arts has taught you how to nullify powers of others in a 5 ft radius around you. Compare [Nullify: 3, Nullifying Field]

Thomas Halverson

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