William Clume

All out of luck

Clume has been on an unlucky streak for quite some time. Making his way West, escaping debts back East, hoping to outrun his bad luck and more importantly his reptuation. Winning a high-stakes game in Dodge would have seemed like a step in the right direction, except Clume’s gloating nature and the loser’s short temper erupted in a brawl. Dodge authorities sat up and took notice. Clume, escaping to Gate, hoped to take a quick rest off there before moving further out west. Sadly a keen-eyed person made him out and he was arrested in the ‘Rusty Nail’ tavern, locked up, and is waiting it out until the authorities from Dodge arrive.

Roleplaying Notes

Back East accent. Another player could be playing your brother Samuel, which you’ve always been the more adventurous, crazy, and risk-taking one. You a competitive person and always willing to take a bet on anything. Unique abilities to read minds and dazzle people.


  • Try and get Josie, a saloon girl, to fall in love with you.
  • While slow, lumbering, and dumb – continue to show people that you aren’t just a bruiser.
  • Perform a demonstration of your great strength.


  • C.H.Farnsworth – Damn this man’s luck. I had just about won back my winnings before the Sheriff hauled me off to the jail.
  • Georgie Atwater – Who?
  • Martha Wednesday – Who?
  • Thomas Halverson – Who?
  • Rosini Nostromo – I remember seeing him perform back East. That night I brought out my darling Elizabeth before her father and his debt-collectors came calling. Strange that he’s out this far West.
  • Samuel Clume – My older brother. Always cautious and collected. Always looking to correct me.

Flaws and Vices

  • Arrogant – Your hero doesn’t think he’s the best – he knows he is. Winning isn’t enough for your hero. He must completely dominate his opponent. Anytime there is even a shadow of a doubt as to who is the better, he must humiliate his opponent and prove he can snatch victory any time he wishes.
  • Bad Luck – Your hero is a little less lucky than most. He starts with one less Fate Chip.
  • Wanted(Minor) – Your hero has committed some crime in his past and will be arrested if discovered by the authorities.


  • Gittin’ in their head

You can read minds and project your thoughts into the minds of others. Allowing you to communicate and read surface thoughts of others. [Telepathy: 2 (Communication & Mind Reading)]

  • Distractin’

Using his pocket watch or any reflective surface, you can overload their visual senses rendering them blind. Perform a distractin’ check to hit them against the target’s Getty Up to avoid the effect. If the check fails their vision is rendered useless. Each round after make a Guard check to recover from the effects making it increasingly more easy for them. [Dazzle: 4]

William Clume

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